Sunday, May 01, 2005

NIE Numbers and Job Searching

Well we visited Torre Del Mar on Friday and managed to collect our NIE numbers which are State-issued and allow us to legally work in Spain. We added this information to our respective CVs and went to a cyber cafe to print them out. After printing we took our CVs to a couple of local English bars and handed them in. One of the owners told us they were too long so we had to reduce the documents to a single page. Hopefully this will do the trick but it looks like finding work is not going to be easy.

Today is the 1st May and it's holiday weekend in Spain as well as England. All shops are closed today and will remain shut tomorrow. We think the tourist season may start hotting up this week with people taking advantage of May Day. This is when we will ultimately realise whether or not we will find work.

There is a general election in Britain on Thursday (in case nobody realised) and I can honestly say I am glad to be over here. However we will be keeping an eye on Sky News.

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