Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In Summary

Well, we are coming to the end of our second stay in Nerja. It has been eventful, sometimes a bit scary, but we will look back on this period of our lives with fondness. On Friday 8th April we will land in the UK and life will pick up again. Here are some of the good things and bad things about Spanish living;

1) Weather. South of Spain generally has a dry, hot climate and the winter has been very good to us.
2) Food. Love Spanish food. The fruit and vegetable produce is generally fresh and delicious, unlike the UK which most of the time has to import from further afield.
3) Fiestas. Spain loves to party and their celebrations are fabulously excessive. They work hard and party hard.
4) Community. We have felt part of a community here - something we haven't necessarily felt in the UK. Maybe that comes from us living in the south of England - I have detected more of a community feel up north.
5) Attitude. The Spanish have a fabulous attitude towards life - it can irritate some but the relaxed nature works for me.
6) Religion. I love the way the fear of the Catholic church seems to pray on the minds of the Spanish people. Religion stills seems to be part of many peoples lives here - even if they are not all regular church-goers.
7) Doctor's waiting rooms. Everyone says 'hello' when you walk in. Very friendly.

1) Dog crap. Dog crap in the streets does seem to be much worse than at home. People just seem to tolerate it as part of life.
2) Recycling. Recycling food waste is well supported here. There are even bins for waste food products which I have not seen before (sure Spain is not the country that does this). The only trouble with this is that most people seem to put whatever they feel like in them - items such as furniture, dog crap, boxes etc etc. Not great.
3) Cost of living. Shopping costs pretty much the same as the UK. Not helped by the weak pound.

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