Sunday, August 28, 2011

End of Summer / Future Projects

The summer seems to have fizzled out - intact I am not even sure whether we had a summer or not. However, I am really looking forward to the autumn months. I have lots of things that I am planning to keep myself occupied with;

1) The Isle of Thanet Yomp on September 17th is something that always challenges the body. Really looking forward to this and maybe we'll have some new yompers this year.

2) Improving my beer and brewing knowledge. We'll be brewing brews I have not seen or tasted yet like Dark Conspiracy and Green Hop Ale. Not to mention casking the Doppelhop.

3) I have just started my Linguaphone Spanish course which I bought 15 years ago and never started. The coursework itself was compiled in 1976 and really is quite different from 'modern' Spanish courses; it predominantly uses 'usted' rather than 'tu' and is very conservative. I am also listening to Radio Nacional de España each morning to improve my real flaw which is my listening/understanding.

4) I am hoping to start using my camera a little more in the autumn. With the trees turning all sorts of wonderful colours, it should present a good photo opportunity. Parkes also starts her camera course in September, so hopefully it is something we can do together.

5) Finally, we will be readying the house for the new arrival in February. Can't wait!!!

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