Monday, January 30, 2012

Branchial Cyst

We visited Lewisham Hospital today, with the hope that Beth's branchial cyst would be removed from her neck and that she could move on. However, after a ultrasound scan, the surgeon said he couldn't find the cyst and, on that basis, he couldn't operate. When the cyst reappears, we have to go back to the surgeon for scans and, if necessary, surgery.

We are a little gutted by it all, as Beth may have to go through more pain and discomfort. But we also don't want her to go under the surgeon's knife unless it is completely clear what needs to be done.

On Sunday, Parkes has her week 38 scan and a consultation the following day. We have been told that the baby will be delivered on the 6th or soon after. Scaaaaaaaary.

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