Saturday, March 10, 2012

Emily Update

The whole family is pretty tired right now. Emily is doing really well and sleeping at night, but the broken sleep is taking its toll and early nights are definitely the way forward. She is shifting more to formula milk now and this is helping her bowels. Parkes is still sleeping in Emily's room for now and, next weekend, I should be build Emily's cot. Beth is taking all of the changes in her stride, like the true pro she is.

Tomorrow, the Richborough towers will be demolished. Not sure quite how I feel about this. I think they are part of that particular stretch of coastline, however, ask me in a week's time and I will have probably changed my mind (I can be like that, y'know).

Also, tomorrow, I will be joining Thanet Bowls Club. They seem a jolly friendly bunch and hopefully I will be able to devote enough time to make it worthwhile.

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