Thursday, July 17, 2014

Craft Beer

The brewing industry in this country (and globally) seems to be in a fairly healthy state. It is the American craft brewing scene that has woken everyone up to the smell of exotic hops and daring beer styles. However, it does start to get a little wearing. 

Apparently beer cocktails are the latest craft invention. BEER COCKTAILS. The Brits, of course, invented this decades earlier by mixing the slops trays together to create a heady elixir which could cure all known maladies. No one liked it at the time and I'll be surprised if the beer cocktails thing last very long. Pairing beer with food is also getting on my tits. Stop trying to make beer into something it isn't. Beer is the life-blood of the common man (and lady) and what makes a pint so beautiful is that it is..........a pint. Nothing more, nothing less. It doesn't need to accompany a Dover Sole; just a bag of nice crisps and served in a traditional British pub.

So, thanks American craft brewing scene. We have much to be grateful for as you have lifted the malaise from the British brewing industry. However, once the dust has settled, I'll wave you goodbye with one hand whilst supping my English boring brown bitter from the other. Cheers.

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